Preventing and managing complications of CVADs

The likelihood of complications from long-term central venous access devices can be greatly reduced by health professionals being aware of their causes and using sterile prefilled syringes.

Any infection associated with a CVAD is potentially life threatening as the device is positioned in the central venous circulation system. The majority of patients who need central venous access have serious underlying medical conditions, and many are immunocompromised, which increases the risks associated with infection (Gabriel, 2008). Infection can result from:

MedXL developed the PraxiFlow kit to reduce the handling time and risk of catheter related infection by combining sterile field saline flush and citrate catheter lock syringe in one package.

Each PraxiFlow™ kit consists of one Praxiject™ 0.9% NaCl syringe for Flush and one CitraFlow™ Sodium Citrate syringe for Lock of Vascular Access Devices. All the proven benefits of Praxiject™ and CitraFlow™ prefilled syringes in one convenient easy to use package.

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