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MedXL Europe BV  marketing and quality documentation for all our business partners

MedXL Europe BV has added a new feature intended to provide additional resources to assist with ease of business for our distribution partners. With your distributor login you can easily download all the marketing material you need to promote our products. You can also download our CE and ISO document as well other documents to register our products if needed.

MedXL Europe BV providing all  the information you need to provide your customers with the right products from MedXL Europe BV.


Prefilled syringes

MedXL manufactures a diverse line of prefilled syringes including normal saline syringes and anticoagulant prefilled syringes such as sodium citrate and citrate-ethanol prefills. Prefilled syringes help to improve healthcare professionals’ efficiency by offering a ready to use product but more importantly help to reduce medication errors. Prefilled syringes are practical, reliable and secure.

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PraxiMed™ System

PraxiMed™ is an automated system for the preparation of medications in syringes.Syringe based systems have a proven track record. Ready to use prefilled syringes represent the safest and most cost effective method for administering medications. When commercial prefilled syringes are not available the next best option is unit dose syringes prepared by the pharmacy.

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Our team of experts have extensive experience of providing catheter care and offering solutions for a wide array of access issues in Europe and Africa.

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