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MedXL Europe BV has added a new feature intended to provide additional resources to assist with ease of business for our distribution partners. With your distributor login you can easily download all the marketing material you need to promote our products. You can also download our CE and ISO document as well other documents to register our products if needed.

MedXL Europe BV providing all  the information you need to provide your customers with the right products from MedXL Europe BV.


EC Certificate_41316778-02_MDD Product List_2015-01-20 (PDF)
Product List AX II 41316788-02 2016-06-09 (PDF)

Transport & Warehouse

Transport Stability_Saline (PDF)
CitraFlow storage and transportation condition (PDF)
Transport and storage document Praxiject (PDF)

Decleration of Conformity

DoC CitraFlow4_CitraFlow30_CitraFlow46.7_ Praxiject_dated 05-2017 (PDF)


MEDXL RA 9054-14 (PDF)

Our team of experts have extensive experience of providing catheter care and offering solutions for a wide array of access issues in Europe and Africa.

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